When it comes to hosting a webcast, it’s of paramount importance that you keep your audience engaged. A bored audience essentially means an unhappy audience, and every unhappy attendee is a prospective customer lost. While you may already know the nitty-gritty of engaging with a webinar audience, keeping your webcast audience engaged can be slightly trickier.

Webcasts, by definition, involve a much larger audience compared to webinars. It’s impractical, if not entirely impossible, to interact with each of them individually. So, what do you do to keep your audience riveted to your presentation? Here’s how you can make webcasting look easy.

Outlines Provide Clarity

A webcast without an outline is unlikely to get any viewer engagement. If your presentation is all over the place and lacks clarity, your audience will struggle to follow what you’re saying. Naturally, their attention will begin to falter, and they may soon lose interest.

To prevent this, draft an outline by jotting down the main points you wish to convey through your webcast presentation. Doing so will provide a flow, structure, and focus to the webcast. Your audience will follow you easily from point to point.

Dynamic Videography for the Win

Remember, a clear video does not necessarily mean a flat, boring video. Dynamic camerawork can go a long way in catching and maintaining your audience’s interest. Instead of simply leaving your camera on a tripod throughout the webcast, try to capture your subjects from a few different angles.

You can also incorporate a few moving shots to give your webcast a more dynamic feel. However, avoid going overboard with this because, if used too much, it can very well become a distraction.

Leverage Video Assets

Next on our list of tactics for easier webcasting is to leverage the potential of video assets. What makes videos so useful an addition to your webcast is that they combine audio, visual, and text. They also add movement to your presentation, making it more interesting. Also, what better way to give your host a breather than to cue up a video?

Promotion is Key

What’s the point of hosting an engaging webcast if you don’t have an audience? Make use of all available marketing channels and promote tirelessly in the days leading up to the webcast. Not only will this gain you a high attendance rate, but it will also allow you to establish a dialogue with your potential attendees early on.

Live Q&A for Audience Participation

Conducting a live Q&A session is exponentially more difficult on a webcast than on any other live streaming event. There’s bound to be an endless rush of questions during and after the session with such a massive audience.

There are two effective ways of tackling this. Have someone off-camera answer the basic questions and frame questions for those on the stream to answer. You can also prepare a list of expected questions beforehand and address those during the stream.

The Art of Audience Engagement

The final tip in our guide to webcasting made easy is to leave some room for improvisation during your webcast. Keep your audience on their toes, and they won’t be able to take their eyes off the presentation even for a second.