In this era of digital transformation, webinars have emerged as the quintessential capacity-building and networking tool for digital marketing. Having access to only a small percentage of your customer base at a time is a thing of the past as webinar solutions are taking center stage. It’s safe to say that webinars have revolutionized marketing, and allows audiences to view your businesses worldwide.

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However, to harness effectively the full potential of webinar marketing, it’s essential to have a solid plan. Without a plan or structure, your webinar is far less likely to yield the desired results. To get you started on the right track, here’s a webinar solutions checklist that you can leverage for your webinar marketing endeavors.

  • A webinar solutions marketing strategy

When it comes to successful digital marketing, having a webinar marketing strategy in place is vital. Your strategy should include how you plan to tackle the different stages of the webinar production pipeline from start to finish. You should include your organization’s value proposition, data on your target customer base, essential brand messaging, and other elements.

  • The right audience

For your webinar solutions marketing to be effective, you must choose the correct audience. Carefully pick an audience that is most likely to find your product useful.

  • An interesting topic

Choose a topic that your target demographics are likely to take an interest in. Make it industry-specific and interesting. Remember, the first thing anyone will judge the value of your webinar by is its title. Prospective clients will only register themselves for your webinar if your chosen topic catches their attention. Create a title that is formal yet catchy and exciting.

  • A quality webinar hosting platform

Your webinar hosting platform is the medium through which you’ll be communicating with your potential customers. For this purpose, the webinar solution of your choice has to align perfectly with your goals. Look for features that will be conducive to your webinar format and presentation.

  • Landing pages and invitations

Create an informative and appealing registration or opt-in page. Describe the webinar with a few bullet points, include info about the speaker and their qualifications, and most importantly, add the date and time of the event in a prominent location on the page. Also, roll out your email invitations approximately three to five days before the webinar.

  • Promotion, promotion, promotion

The success of your webinar solutions marketing ultimately hinges on how well you’re marketing the webinar itself. Draft a webinar promotion strategy and start promotion at least a week or two in advance. Leverage all available social media channels in your marketing plan; including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as email marketing and blog posts.

  • Post-webinar follow-up

The final point in our webinar solutions checklist for digital marketing is post-webinar follow-up. Thank you emails, on-demand recordings and materials from the live event, surveys, and special offers are all poignant ways to follow up with your webinar attendees. Post-webinar follow ups help with lead retention and makes it more likely for them to show up for your future events.

Adhere to the Checklist This webinar solutions checklist can help you get off on the right foot in your digital marketing journey. Make sure to fine-tune this list according to your goals for optimum results. If you need help marketing your business with webinars, we can help. Contact today.