7 Ways You Can Make Money From a Free Webinar

If you’re considering hosting a webinar, there’s a large possibility you’re looking to gain something. It could be brand awareness, industry authority, qualified leads… eventually you’re looking to earn some money off of this webinar.

It’s a common goal to have, so we’ve put together a checklist of all the characteristics of webinars that make money. Take a look and see where your webinar stands.

  • If the webinar itself is free, it offers a paid product at the end

        Most webinars are free, which is great. You are letting the attendees in on valuable information, but once they’re hooked and they trust you, you tell them about a paid product. If you’ve done a great presentation and are offering a great product, many attendees will purchase the product on the spot.

  • The webinar topic aligns with the offer at the end

        Before hosting your webinar, make sure the topic and everything you’re putting in your promotional materials aligns with what you’ll be selling at the end. No matter how great your presentation is, if you start pitching a product the audience doesn’t need, you’re not going to make any sales. In fact, you’ll end up turning off an entire group of people at one time.

  • The presenter starts the pitch for the product about halfway into the webinar

        Don’t wait until the last five minutes to start telling your attendees about your product! Making a proper sale takes time and effort, so if your webinar is scheduled for one hour, you’ll want to get into your pitch around the 30-minute mark.

  • Clearly show your offer with great visuals and graphics

        Put as much effort into the pitch portion of your presentation as you put into the informational part. Provide your audience with visuals including images, graphs, infographics, and charts — whatever is needed to best explain why your audience needs what you are selling.

  • Show them what life looks like with your product or service

        Your product or service is solving a problem that your target audience is having. Show them how much easier life will be once they buy what you’re selling. Think of it like an infomercial, only less-cheesy, and more real-life. Use descriptive language and great visuals to sell them on what you’re offering.

  • Create a sense of urgency

        You don’t just want to sell your product, you want to sell it right now. Explain to your audience why they need to make the purchase today — this can easily be done with a special offer, or an exclusive deal that you’ve created just for webinar attendees.

  • Follow-up after the webinar via email

        Don’t forget to follow-up! Even if there are members of the audience that didn’t purchase right away, sending follow-up emails are a really great way to make a conversion. Send at least two follow-up emails, and really use them to restate your offer and explain why they need this solution. Send targeted messaging to those who are opened your first email versus the ones who didn’t even bother. Figure out what they’re looking for that you haven’t offered yet.