When most people think of webinars or online events, plug-ins and third-party downloads often come to mind. Registrants would normally need to download a software, plug-in or app, in order to attend an online event, which puts a burden on themselves and their computers. On top of that, attendees would often experience major delays and other technical difficulties while using such softwares, not good for your events.

However, what if we told you that there’s a way to host webinars and other online events without these unnecessary burdens? Yes, no downloads or plug-ins necessary.

Welcome to online event hosting via the cloud! Today’s modern webinar hosting platforms are moving everything to the cloud because of its effectiveness, capacity, and overall efficiency. We wanted to take the time to explore some of the key benefits to streaming over the cloud and explain why it’s a necessity for anyone who wants to successfully host an online event.

Massive event capacity

Webinars that stream over the cloud are able to host thousands of attendees both efficiently and seamlessly. No matter the size, webinar hosting platforms that use the cloud allow the host to expand their audience and scale virtually limitlessly. 

Frictionless registration

Not only does the cloud support larger audiences, but not having downloads helps increase attendance overall. By removing the burden of downloading a third party software to attend an online event, people are encouraged to actually attend, increasing visibility and, again, overall audience size. 

The ability to stream from any device

Downloadable software requires a computer to use. With the cloud, however, registrants are able to attend from any device. Whether it be a computer, smartphone, tablet, or smart TV, hosting over the cloud gives direct access to any attendee, anywhere.

Up-to-date security 

The cloud, being one of the most modern ways to stream, also comes with equally-modern security for its users. Even with its expansive size and incredible data-storing capabilities, the cloud is efficiently protected and provides a remarkably safe space for any webinar or online event. 

There are many reasons why using the cloud to host online events will bring quality and efficiency to both the hosts and all of their attendees. At webinar.net, we pride ourselves in only using modern streaming technology to give you the best in online event hosting. Our mission is to provide you and your event with a seamless, easy-to-use platform, so you can focus less on how to make it happen and more on how to make it awesome.