The popularity of webinars has been on a steady upward hike over the last several years. As a result, content producers saturated the realm of online webinars, with webinars of all sizes and subjects cropping up every single day. Therefore, if you want to host or attend a webinar, it’s vital that you make the most of it.

As a host, your goal is to make your webinar stand out in a slew of similar events. Similarly, passively attending a webinar is also not enough. If you are a webinar attendee, you have to ensure that you are getting the maximum value out of it. Webinar hosts have an important question to answer: how do you make your online webinar more productive and leverage its full potential?

Fear not; we are here to answer just that. Whether you are hosting an online webinar or simply participating in one, here are some tips to help you get the most mileage out of webinars.

Tips for Hosts

1. Select your topic wisely

Consult content specialists, subject matter experts, and other members of your organization when picking a topic for your webinar. You can also have your target audience vote on prospective topics. Most importantly, make sure that the topic you choose is perfect for a short presentation, instead of topics that require prolonged explanation and exchange.

2. Facilitate free dialogue

Allow participants to ask questions in real-time and integrate these questions into your discussion. Breakout rooms can also be a fantastic way to facilitate interaction among your attendees.

3. Allow participants to form a network

Encouraging both presenters and attendees to circulate their contact information before, during, or after the online webinar helps establish a network. Contacts with both presenters and attendees can definitely boost productivity as it leaves the scope of further discussion up to the participants.

4. Give incentives to your attendees

Besides rewarding their participation in your online webinar, you can also incentivize your audience to demonstrate their skills. For instance, you may incorporate a short quiz into the session and reward those who perform well. Rewards could be in the form of professional development points that they accumulate over time.

Tips for Participants

1. Choose webinars that will provide value

Your time is valuable. When devoting precious free time to your professional schedule, carefully choose webinars that could provide the most compelling value.

2. Notes, notes, notes

Copious note taking during webinars can help you be more attentive and retain essential information points. If you have well-written notes, you can also share them with colleagues.

3. Don’t be shy, ask questions

Interactive tools on modern webinar platforms allow you to ask questions during or after the webinar. Well-thought-out questions directed at the presenter is one option that you can choose, or your colleagues can help you understand the subject matter better during the webinar. You can then use that information for the benefit of your organization.

4. Network with other registrants

Webinars present a salient opportunity for networking. Creating personal connections during or after webinars can help you gather information and insight. People in your network can be invaluable for problem solving, suggestions, and research.

A Worthwhile Event

The value of online webinars as a marketing asset increases exponentially if both hosts and participants go the extra mile. Implement these tips when organizing or attending a webinar, and you increase the chances for a worthwhile experience.