For companies using webinars, there is always a choice to be made between live and pre-recorded webinars. Live webinars happen in real-time, with the host delivering the webinar as participants watch. Pre-recorded webinars, on the other hand, are recorded in their entirety beforehand.

If you haven’t looked into it, there are many important advantages to pre-recorded webinars. Apart from a more polished finished product, you can also focus more on the attendees.

Here is a more detailed look at pre-recorded webinars.

#1 Types of Pre-recorded Webinars

Pre-recorded webinars can come in two different types.

First, you can create an automated webinar. This is a pre-recorded webinar that is scheduled ahead of time. The webinar automatically runs at the present time without the need for any external intervention. The host can make broad tweaks to the content of the webinar if needed.

On-demand webinars, on the other hand, are pre-recorded webinars that can be accessed at any point in time. In such cases, the webinar is usually sent to participants through a link or email. Then, individual participants can view the webinar whenever they choose.

#2 Benefits of Pre-recorded Webinars

Pre-recorded webinars present many benefits that can interest you.

First, these webinars can be used repeatedly. You can either use them as-is or edit or tweak them for use in a different scenario. This leads to increased productivity.

Since these webinars are pre-recorded, the presentation can be more polished. In contrast with live webinars, you have the option to edit and polish these webinars. Doing these before they are delivered can elevate quality and impact.

Since pre-recorded webinars focus more on the attendees than the speakers, they can provide a better viewer experience.

#3 Pre-recorded Webinars Best Practices

There are many best practices you can employ to ensure that you leverage your pre-recorded webinars to the hilt.

First, use evergreen content to ensure you can reuse or repurpose webinars. Content that stays relevant and useful can be reused. You can even use segments from one webinar to great effect in another. This way, you can create new webinars with greater efficiency.

While a pre-recorded webinar might lack the direct interactive element of a live one, you can remedy that. Incorporate a live FAQ session to increase participation and address questions.

Pre-recorded webinars are not just convenient, they can also convert. You can ensure this by double-checking that every webinar contains a clear CTA. Usually, the best place to put the CTA is during the final stages.

If you are putting together pre-recorded webinars frequently, it is a good idea to analyze and fine-tune. Take a good look at statistical data and analytics from past webinars. You can use this data to form new strategies and plans for future webinars.

Improved Marketing Plans

Pre-recorded webinars can offer a lot of utility. With the increased productivity and polished presentation, you would be able to draw a larger participation. The reusability potential can help you put out more webinars. You can also make them available on-demand, further increasing interest and participation. All this bodes well for your marketing plans using webinars.