If you’re under the impression that people use webinars only for marketing, think again. Since the popularity of webinars took off, they’ve found widespread application across myriad industries and use cases. Whether you work in the educational or the corporate sector, webinar services are a prized asset. Organizations are incorporating them into their marketing, staff onboarding, and training programs with fantastic results.

Speaking in terms of corporate training, using webinars can be immensely beneficial to employers and employees alike. Webinar services can make an otherwise mundane training process much more immersive, interactive, and ultimately more fruitful.

There are an overwhelming number of webinar services your company can use for staff training. To help you pick one, we’ve narrowed down the options to the top six webinar services that can drastically improve the corporate training experience.

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Riverside is a fantastic overall webinar solution for medium to large companies. What makes it perfect for corporate training is its support for recording entire webinars with crisp uncompressed audio you can record at 48 kHz in WAV format. Not only does this allow you to maintain an archive of all your training sessions, but your employees can also refer back to the recordings as and when needed. Other useful features include the built-in Magic Editor and automated transcriptions.

Zoho Meeting

Another great webinar service to use for corporate training is Zoho Meeting. The platform’s easy-to-use and intuitive interface has made it a trusted webinar software among thousands of users across the globe. If you’re looking for advanced and high-quality recording and screen sharing features, as well as some added security for your webinar data during employee training, Zoho Meeting is the way to go.


Webinar.net is one of the most versatile, feature-rich, and well-balanced webinar services that you can get your hands on. From an advanced editing tool for creating well-structured webinars and a host of engagement features to a neat, easy-to-use UI, this platform’s got your back. Our favorite part about webinar.net is that it offers complete customization so that you can tailor your webinars to your preferences.


Data security is a vital feature to have in corporate training webinar services. Livestorm is 100% GDPR compliant and takes data security very seriously. Their automated and on-demand formats are ideal for maintaining an archive of training videos that employees can refer back to. Designers filled the platform to the brim with engagement tools that facilitate greater participation and understanding.


WebinarNinja allows you to host straightforward and password-protected training sessions with your employees. The user-friendly dashboard, support for HD video, and advanced streaming technology create a dynamic learning environment.


Another webinar platform that offers customization at a granular level, Demio is robust and packed with effective engagement tools. The built-in chat function is terrific for trainer-trainee communication and rapport building. This cloud-based solution supports storing up to 100 webinar recordings for easier access.

Host Successful Employee Trainings

When choosing a webinar platform for staff training, look for features that drive engagement, which will ensure that your employees can stay focused and gain maximum insight from the session. Choose any webinar service from this list, and you’ll end up with a powerful corporate training resource.