How does a webinar work?

Have you ever asked yourself, “How does a webinar work?” Here are some answers to that question.
A webinar is an online event where speakers deliver presentations to a large audience. The audience participates by submitting questions or responding to polls using interactive tools.
In short, webinars work the same way as workshops, lectures, and other video presentations. The only difference is that people host them online using webinar software.

Outline of a Webinar

Just like a seminar or a workshop, a webinar consists of a host and a panel of participants. Presentations are live and last from a half-hour to an hour. The presenter and attendees interact via messaging and chat.
Most webinars have less than 100 attendees. Sometimes, however, you can have a webinar with more than 500. While webinars are usually free, there are paid ones as well.

Hosting Requirements

The value of a free webinar to your business is lead generation. You can also use webinars for onboarding and training. To host a webinar, you’ll need the following:

A webinar landing page for registration. This needs to be up and running early enough to give attendees adequate time to register.

An e-mail link to allow attendees to join in the live webinar. Send out the invitation at least a day before the webinar.

A reliable webinar software. Check out the features and reviews before picking a tool.

Headphones or speakers for audio output and a microphone for audio input.

A stable Internet connection. Have a backup plan in case the connection develops issues.

A camera in case you want your audience to see you.

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