What is Webcasting Services

Is your company looking to demonstrate how to use one of its products to all your customers worldwide? That’s a large task. What would be the most scalable and efficient way of going about this? Content education about a product or a service is where webcasting services come in. Webcasts have emerged as a powerful instrument for delivering large volumes of content with minimal barriers and disruptions and maximum effectiveness. With the many benefits they bring to the table, companies are implementing them daily for a variety of purposes.

In order to host successful webcasts and make the most out of them, you need the right webcasting service. However, before you invest in such a platform, it’s crucial that you know all about webcasting services.

Let’s take an in-depth look at what webcasting services are, which ones we recommend, and how to decide which one’s best for your use case.

What is a Webcasting Service?

Webcasting services provide the platform and tools necessary for delivering webcasts. They use streaming media technology to broadcast a singular content source simultaneously to multiple devices through the internet. As such, anyone with the right credentials and access to the internet can view the webcast. Generally used to live stream a conference or similar event, webcasting services allow you to deliver high quality, polished multimedia content to a wide audience with ease.

Webcasting services often serve as archives for previously hosted webcasts. This way, you can refer back to previous events as and when needed. Worried about a distracted or bored audience? These services also come equipped with interactive and engaging elements that you can incorporate to keep your audience attentive. Overall, webcasting platforms provide you with all you need to deliver a compelling webcast experience.

What is Webcasting Services: Our Top Five Recommendations

  • Cisco Webex Webcasting: A leading name in the realm of business communications, Cisco Webex is an extremely versatile webcasting solution. It can accommodate as many as 100,000 participants, making it ideal for largescale events. It offers every feature you need to ensure that the webcast runs without a hitch, including easy recording, advanced security, real-time tech support, and customized event enrolment.

  • Webinar.net: Webinar.net offers a level of customization unheard of in the webcasting services space. You can fine tune and personalize your webcast to your liking, use the host of engagement tools they have on the menu, and accommodate thousands of attendees no matter where they are. With support for high-quality video and audio and the option for on-demand viewing, webinar.net helps you deliver webcasts that’ll leave an impression.

  • Samba Live: If you’re looking to stream across multiple platforms simultaneously, Samba Live is the webcasting service for you. It has an intuitive and simple UI (User Interface), a plethora of interactive elements, and support for HD video and audio. You can also make custom email invites, landing pages, and thank you pages using this platform, which makes Samba Live a well-rounded option.

  • GlobalMeet: Is versatility high on your list of priorities? If yes, GlobalMeet is another webcast service you can consider. This platform’s design makes it flexible enough for a wide variety of events. Be it corporate communications, investor meetings, employee training and onboarding, or town hall meeting broadcasts, there’s nothing you cannot do with GlobalMeet. Our favorite things about the platform are its flawless integrations and accurate analytics.

  • ClickMeeting: If your agenda is to monetize your webcasts for a better return on investment, you’ll benefit from ClickMeeting’s monetization tools. This webcasting service also allows up to four simultaneous speakers, making it perfect for discussion-based webcasts. You’ll also find an assortment of engagement features and post-webcast follow-up features such as certificates and follow-up emails.

What is Webcasting Services: Choosing the Right One

  • Define your goals – There’s an overwhelming number of webcasting services out there, all suited for different purposes. To find one that’ll yield the best results for your use case, it’s therefore vital to define your goals. Ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve with your webcast and choose a platform with features conducive to that goal.

  • Set a budget – Depending on the kind of features they offer, webcast platforms also have varying price points. Before you look at your options, set a budget and stick to it during the selection process. Remember, more expensive doesn’t always mean better.

  • Make a list of the features you’re looking for – To avoid overspending on features you don’t need, jot down the features you are looking for. We advise keeping an eye out for the bare minimum — quality engagement tools and support for HD audio and video. Everything else is optional and depends completely on your use case.

Business Communications Made Simple

A quality webcasting service is a fantastic tool to have in your marketing and business communications toolkit. Keep the above factors in mind when choosing a platform, and you’ll be able to host cost-efficient and highly effective webcasts like never before.

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