How To Run A Webinar

Are you curious about how to run a webinar? Running a successful webinar is mostly about presentation skills and public speaking. There’s no quick fix. You have to work hard to develop these skills. Here are some tips for running a webinar like a pro.

1 Use Real-life Examples and Practical Incentives

Use real-life stories to explain concepts and ideas. People find stories more relatable than cold hard facts. Also, give the attendees some incentive to participate in the webinar. They should know why the webinar is important, why they should listen to you, and why they need to remember what you said.

2 Use Visual Aids

Using images or props makes it easier for people to follow and understand what you’re saying. It’s also more entertaining.

3 Explain Things in Several Ways

It’s important to recap a point you made before going to the next one. Instead of repeating what you said, explain the point freshly. It’s repeating without being repetitive.

4 Rehearse

Don’t try to wing it. Rehearse the whole thing at least twice before the day of the webinar. You need to be comfortable with how you’re going to drive the point home and make transitions from one point to the other.

5 Smile

You should try to maintain a smile during the presentation. A smile affects your energy level, your voice, and how people react to you. It can help improve your performance.

6 Controlled Use of Your Voice

Avoid using a monotone voice during the webinar. Vary your pitch, tone, and volume throughout to keep the audience on its toes.

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