How To Make A Good Webinar Presentation

Are you wondering how to make a good webinar presentation? The fact is the topic and content are the most important considerations for running a successful webinar. For this reason, you need to have excellent presentation skills and great slides. Today, we have some slide-making tips to help take your webinar presentations to the next level.

1 Use a Template

You don’t have to start designing the slides from scratch. Get a professionally designed template off sites, such as GraphicRiver. If it helps, you can use the logo of your company on the slides. But sometimes, leaving it blank helps to reinforce the fact that the presentation is purely educational. You’re able to position yourself as a provider of useful information.

2 Less is More

Don’t jam text into your slides. The slides’ purpose is to reinforce your main points and not to mirror what you’re saying word for word.

3 Create Two Presentations

As mentioned in the previous point, your slides should be brief. Someone shouldn’t be able to get the full value of the webinar by going through the slides. At the same time, you need slides to post on SlideShare. Here, you can expose your content to a new audience. Consequently, you want your slides to provide as much information as possible. For this reason, you might want to create two different presentations.

4 Use Visual Aids
Use images whenever possible. The human mind processes images faster than text.

5 Upload the Slides Before the Webinar Begins

Some of the attendees of the webinar might want to print out the slides for note-taking during the presentation. Make sure to upload them at least a day before the webinar.

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