Using Enterprise Webinar Solutions and Social Media to Create Viral Events

Paying for enterprise webinar solutions is not the be-all and end-all of a successful event. Everyone wants his or her event to be a runaway success and even go viral. The secret lies in promoting your virtual event successfully and creating a buzz around it. Here are some tips to help you do this.

1.     Building Anticipation

Kick off your marketing efforts anywhere from two to three months to just a few weeks or days before the event. The timing will depend on the size of your event. You want to start sooner for larger events. That way, you’ll have time to reach out to as many people as you can.

To build anticipation, give your audience a sneak peek into what’s in store. You can do this by creating teaser videos and setting a date for a big announcement. Also, share frequent updates on what’s cooking and don’t allow the buzz to die.

2.     Create a Stellar Event Landing Page

One of the best ways to convince prospects to attend your webinar is to have a well-designed event landing page. Provide event details in a way that compels visitors to provide their data. For example, you could ask prospects for their e-mail addresses, so they can receive more information about the event.

Remember to highlight what sets your event apart and who the key sponsors and speakers are. Make sure to include some social proof to build the credibility of the event. Don’t cram too much content into one page. You can always have separate pages for the agenda, speakers, and sponsors.

3.     Eye-Popping Graphics

Here’s an interesting fact: visual content is 93 percent of all human communication. For this reason, you need to create eye-catching graphics to promote your webinar on multiple platforms.

Ideally, your event’s graphics should contain your logo, event title, date organizer info, and the link to your registration page. In addition, you should create dedicated sponsor and speaker graphics. If possible, create a 30-second intro video. Your speakers should introduce themselves in the video.

4.     Stagger Your Promotions

You’re probably excited to get the word out about your event. However, creating multiple posts and posting them on the same day can irritate your audience. Also, if you start promoting too early, the registered attendees might forget about the event. You should set aside 60 percent of your budget for running promotions during the last week leading up to the event. That way, you’ll avoid burning through your promotions budget too early.

5.     Speaker Graphics and Bios

Having a great speaker will draw attendees to your event. Having headshots of the speakers helps with visual recall, and detailed bios help generate interest. Promote the speakers to showcase the quality and credibility of the event.

6.     Sponsor Logos

Make requests to corporate sponsors for their logos so you can use them during your webinar promotion. Having their brand recall associated with your webinar can help boost conversions. It also helps differentiate you from the competition.

Use SEO to create webinar landing pages that show up at the top of Google search results. Use the right keywords and follow SEO hygiene to optimize your page for higher visibility.

8.     List Your Event

To get maximum visibility, list the event on online event calendars, such as Eventful, Eventbrite, Facebook events, etc. Doing this can help bring some traffic to your event.

9.     Influencer Outreach

Influencer marketing can work very well for your event if you match the right influencers to your attendees. Find the right influencers in your target group, and build a relationship with them. Help them see the value of your webinar. Make sure to offer something in return that helps influencers achieve their goals as well. For example, you can have key influencers as speakers during the event.

10. Referrals

Word of mouth is one of the most overlooked promotion channels for virtual events. When a well-known person throws in a good word for you, it provides a significant push to converting prospects into attendees.

Give freebies and small perks to existing attendees whenever they refer others to your events. Only give rewards for actual conversions.

11. Testimonials

Endorsements from happy sponsors and attendees can help convert prospects into attendees. Writing verifiable reviews and creating shorts video testimonials can help turn your event into a runaway success.

12. Great Copy

Hire a copywriter to write copy that speaks directly to your prospects and helps convert them into attendees. Make sure you have a clear value proposition and highlight the ROI for the attendees.


Yes, great enterprise webinar solutions are a good investment. They can help you deliver a stellar webinar presentation without breaking a sweat. However, your event’s success largely lies in getting the most people to sign up and attend the event. The tips above will help you do just that.

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