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The Dynamic Console Layout

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Welcome to the future of webinar management brought to you by webinar.net

Our new, patent-pending Dynamic Console Layout is designed to elevate your webinars to a whole new level. Experience unprecedented control and flexibility to keep your content engaging and relevant, from start to finish.

The Dynamic Console Layout:

Your Webinar, Your Way

Pre Show Layout

Engage your audience before the event starts.

Integrate Live Chat, Q&A, and share resources, URLs, and social media links. Customize with an HTML component for countdowns or CTAs.

Go Live Layout.

Make a seamless transition to your live event.

 Feature a custom mute image in the media player, and captivate your audience with a video pre-roll as the speaker prepares to go live

Perfectly balance your presentation with this standard layout.

Focus equally on video and slides, supplemented with interactive components like Q&A, Chat, and Resources. Other features remain accessible yet unobtrusive.

Discussion Layout.

After the presentation, shift the focus to your speakers with a larger video component

Enhance attendee interaction by giving more space to Q&A and Chat.

Post Show Layout.

Keep the conversation going even after your webinar concludes

Direct attendees to custom CTAs, resources, or post-event surveys. Use the exit action feature to guide attendees towards continued engagement with your content.

Why Choose the Dynamic Console Layout ?

Our innovative layout system offers you the power to adapt and thrive in any webinar scenario. Whether it’s building anticipation pre-show, delivering impactful presentations, fostering discussions, or extending engagement post-event, the Dynamic Console Layout is your key to a successful webinar.

Your Experience, Your Control:
Adding Magic to Every Webinar Stage ​

Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities with our new features. From a captivating start to a impactful finish, each phase of your webinar is transformed with innovative tools to maximize engagement and connection.

Empower your webinars with webinar.net's Dynamic Console Layout – where your content always takes center stage.

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