Webinar Hosting Services Tips for Running Professional Presentations
During Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has brought our lives to a screeching halt. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t get things done. Webinar hosting services have made it possible for business owners like yourself to keep things ticking even at the worst of times.

Today, we’ve compiled some tips on how to run a professional-looking presentation during the lockdown. These tips will take your webinar presentations from blasé to bravo in a snap.

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Set Up A Dedicated Webinar Landing Page for Registrations

It might be tempting to send people signing up for your webinar to a generic form on your website. But here’s the thing – it will only save you a few hours’ worth of work. And, you’ll lose a lot more.

A dedicated landing page looks more professional, and you can gather a lot of valuable insights. You can track your marketing campaigns and do split tests to optimize conversion rates.


Choose the Right Webinar Hosting Service

Choosing the right webinar tool is one of the most critical steps. You need to invest in a platform that offers more features than the ability to have a live chat. While you could always use a free tool, such as YouTube Live Streaming, we don’t recommend it. Go for a paid platform instead.

Make sure the webinar platform has all the features you need to create a memorable experience for your audience.


Choose the Right Topic

Pick a topic that helps audience members overcome an obstacle or educates them about how to meet a need. This should lead up to you raising awareness about your offer and position you as an expert. This can help build trust with your audience.

To get good webinar topics, go through:

All these are an indicator of your customer's interests.


Create a Dope Slide Deck

You need to keep your audience members engaged for up to an hour. Give them something good to look at. Make a visually appealing slide deck. You can do this by creating image-heavy slides. The images should relate to the topic you’re covering. Add a dash of copy to bring it all together. You don’t want a block of text on your decks.

You can create some amazing slide decks using premade templates. Doing this will save you tons of time, and you’ll get slides created by professional designers. Make sure to use your branding assets throughout the template to build brand recognition. Also, use graphs, icons, charts, and other visual elements. They will make the slides more appealing.

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Invest in a Quality Microphone and Camera

You wouldn’t give a speech without your pants on, would you? That’s what it’s like hosting a webinar with poor audio and video quality.

You need to get the tech right. The webinar is largely about your content. But having poor-quality audio and video is throwing a bucket of cold water on your presentation. It is distracting and can create a barrier between the content and the audience. It will count for naught that your content is top-notch.

The microphone on your computer won’t cut it. Invest in good-quality hardware. You’ll look and sound professional, and, hopefully, increase your conversion rates.


Make Sure You Have Good Internet Connection

If you’re having problems with your Internet connection, you might want to consider using a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi. Plug your computer directly into the router. If it’s not possible, consider disconnecting all other devices connected to the same network. Turn off file-syncing services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, on your computer. Close open browser tabs, e-mail clients, and any programs using your Internet connection.

Streaming video takes up a lot of bandwidth. You want to have the best possible connection during the webinar.


Have Awesome Speakers

Nothing will kill the vibe of your presentation like a boring speaker. Someone who speaks with a monotone will put audience members to sleep. They will not be coming back.

Get someone who is energetic and personable on your webinar. Make sure he or she is an expert on the topic you’re covering. One way to keep the audience engaged is to have more than one speaker and have them play off each other. This will turn the webinar into a discussion rather than a monologue.


Use a Variety of Media

Don’t just stick to one media type. Switch things around! For example, you can use a short animated piece or video to demonstrate your point. You could also share your screen with your audience temporarily to demonstrate something.

Having a downloadable checklist can make it easier for your audience to follow along during the presentations. Get creative. Think of ways you can complement your presentation with other types of media. Your audience will love you for it.

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