Host a Live Webinar: Content and Planning Considerations

Are you looking to host a live webinar for your organization? If yes, you’re in good company. Up to 67 percent of marketers have doubled down on their webinar investments since the COVID-19 outbreak. The thing is a well-executed webinar can help convert attendees into raving fans of your business. A poorly executed one can leave them wondering how your organization can deliver something so unapologetically terrible. Creating a great webinar hinges on proper planning and delivery. Here, we go over the content and planning considerations you should make before hosting a live webinar.

Choose a Specific Idea

Avoid the trap of trying to host the most epic webinar on a general topic. Instead, go for a highly targeted topic that allows you to go into great detail. You’ll provide more value to your audience this way.

Choose the Right Speakers

Knowledgeable and skilled presenters can make a world of difference in your webinars. Pick speakers who can tackle the topic of the day authoritatively and have excellent presentation skills.

Be honest. Don’t bluff. You don’t want a member of the audience to catch you unaware when he or she asks an unexpected question.

Choose the Right Webinar Format

Before creating a slide deck, choose the format you’ll use to host a live webinar. Is a single presenter going to host the webinar? Will it be a Q&A interview-style webinar with two speakers? Or will you go for a panel discussion with several guests and a moderator?

Choose the format based on the subject matter and number of speakers available to you.

Come Up with A Webinar Promotion Strategy

Next, consider how you’re going to promote your webinar. Will you e-mail existing customers with a link to the invite? Or will you use social media to promote the webinar? Can you take advantage of comarketing opportunities with strategic partners? Will you run ads?

Your choice will depend on where you can best reach your target audience for the live webinar.

Create Eye-Popping Slide Decks

Don’t make the mistake of reading through a series of dull PowerPoint slides during the webinar. You’ll bore your audience. Instead, have a well-designed slide deck that strengthens and emphasizes the points you want to make in your script. Remember, the slide deck shouldn’t be the script itself. Make sure to back up your points with evidence and data. And, most importantly, make it entertaining.

Use tools, such as Canva, SlideBean, Prezi, and Haiku Deck, to make your presentations pop.

Write a Script

Every successful webinar needs a script. Even skilled producers and hosts rely on scripts to deliver stellar presentations. After all, speaking for an hour, even about something you’re knowledgeable and passionate about, is very hard. In essence, a script is your map, compass, and GPS rolled into one. It helps you stay on topic and saves time.

You may find it convenient to work on your slide deck and script simultaneously.

Choose a Webinar Platform

Choosing the right webinar platform is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make as you prepare for a live webinar. Consider the number of attendees, the features of the tool, and your budget. Finally, choose a platform that checks all the right boxes.

Get the Right Microphone

One of the most critical tools in a webinar is the microphone. After all, few things will ruin your webinar faster than poor audio quality. Use a good quality cabled headset microphone and avoid using the built-in mic on your laptop. The built-in mic often results in tiny, distorted, and faint sound. You want the sound to be clear and crisp.

Do a Dry Run

Now that you have set up everything, you need to run tests. Doing a dry run of your presentation allows you to fine-tune your execution and identify problem areas. Consequently, you’re able to deliver a more refined presentation on the day of the webinar.

Ensure everyone involved in the webinar is on the same page regarding what you expect him or her to do. Also, make sure all your gear is available and functioning as it should.

Have Some Backup Batteries and Cables

If you cannot use power cords for your hardware, make sure you fully charge your batteries before hosting a live webinar. Also, have a spare battery and cables on hand for all your equipment.

Prep the Venue

It’s now time to prep your studio space. Find a quiet room with a lockable door where there won’t be a disturbance. Keep the studio space clean and free of clutter, and turn off your PC and cell phone notifications. You don’t want your ringtone going off during the live webinar as it will distract your audience.


Don’t deceive attendees with the promise of delivering sensational content only for you to fail to deliver. You’ll only annoy the attendees and ruin your reputation. If you promise a fantastic webinar, make sure you can live up to the hype. Now that you know how to prepare for a stellar webinar presentation, you need the right tools to deliver it. is just what the doctor ordered. Don’t take our word for it. Give it a try.