SaaS Webinar Case Study: ConAgra

ConAgra Foodservice Doubled Sales Leads During Covid-19 with Webinars from webinar.net
Enterprise Webinar Case Study - ConAgra
INDUSTRY: Food Service
WEBINAR.NET SOLUTION: Self-Service Webinar Program
SUMMARY: Limited travel during the Covid-19 pandemic left ConAgra Foodservice searching for a way to meaningfully engage with customers and foodservice professionals virtually. They found that the interactivity of the webinars, ease of use, and customer support from webinar.net was just the solution they needed. Conagra Foodservice is an innovative, leading supplier to the foodservice industry, offering a broad range of trusted brands. Each year the company’s sales team visits customers on-site and attends several foodservice trade shows, where they reach new customers and offer product samplings.

The Challenge

Normally, Conagra Foodservice sales reps travel to meet with customers onsite and at industry tradeshows throughout the year, where they can meet potential customers and offer samples of their various products.

However, during the pandemic, travel restrictions and tradeshow cancellations made meeting and engaging with customers a challenge for Conagra Foodservice. As a result, the company was looking for an innovative way to meet with customers virtually.

“Without these in-person interactions, it made it difficult for us to reach new customers and to get them to sample our products,” said Lexi LeVang, Manager Customer Marketing, ConAgra Foodservice

While ConAgra was familiar with some of the other online meeting platforms, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and webinar platforms like ON24, they were looking for a more meaningful, interactive way to engage with their customers that was both easy to setup and use and cost effective.

“I noticed that some other companies in the foodservice industry were hosting webinars, but they felt very self-serving. They were long, and they weren’t incentivizing people to attend,” LeVang said.

ConAgra Webinar Signup Screen

“I was amazed at how simple it was to set up and run a webinar."

Lexi LeVang
Manager Customer Marketing

The Solution

With an eye to providing a more personalized, interactive customer experience, ConAgra chose Webinar.net’s self-service webinar solution to reach its global customer base. Webinar.net’s cloud-based architecture enabled ConAgra Foodservice to reach very large audiences globally, without capacity concerns – whether they joined from a mobile device or desktop computer.

LeVang said she and her team looked at other webinar platforms but chose webinar.net because the solution was very easy to use and offered robust, customizable features that enabled a more interactive experience – all at a very cost-effective price.

“I was amazed at how simple it was to set up and run a webinar. The best part was that the self-service platform provided a variety of tools that allowed us to customize each webinar to meet our needs and our customers’ needs,” LeVang said.

The webinars have been a success, and even with most of the major food tradeshows canceled in 2021, ConAgra Foodservice has experienced higher customer engagement than they did at in-person meetings and events.

“At an average food show, I would say that we probably only get around 10 leads. During our first webinar with webinar.net, we had 226 registrants and about 60 qualified leads. Our goal was to have at least 100 people register so we were very happy with these results,” LeVang said.

In addition, the company was confident that if any hiccups arose during a webinar, the Success Squad – webinar.net’s customer support team – would be immediately available to assist without any hidden costs.

“I have really loved adding webinar.net to our digital marketing strategy for the year. The customer service that I have received working with webinar.net has been over-the-top amazing,” said LeVang.

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