What Is A Webinar?How Does Webinar Software Work?

With a digital boom happening across businesses and industries, the new normal brings the evolution of communication with it. And let’s not forget marketing techniques!

Webinars, however, are not exactly a new concept. They’ve been around for a while, but only now are they coming into the light. The digital revolution and the increasing competition among webinar software platforms have led to a rise in webinar use.

Webinars are an end and means in themselves. With a little knowledge of how webinars work, you can identify a platform best suited for your needs. Let’s look at what webinars are and what they can do for your business and communication.

What Is A Webinar?

The word webinar is a combination of the words “web” and “seminar.” It refers to an event that an organization holds exclusively for a virtual audience. A live online conference or presentation occurs where participants receive information, ask questions, and interact in real time.

What Are the Benefits of A Webinar?

While most webinar platforms have a skeletal structure of audio and video, their uses go far beyond that. There is some great webinar software out there that allows for a lot more. For instance, Webinar.net features integrated social media, customized registration landings, prerecorded polls and questions, etc.

So why do we need webinars?

  • Webinars are an important way to keep track of your regular participants, helping you form a database.
  • Webinars help your organization create a global presence. You can share your product and expertise with a wider market. And geography is no longer a barrier to sales.
  • Recorded webinars are a terrific way to create a digital library. They also help establish a digital footprint, which is very important now.
  • Hosting events can help identify interested participants, which can help in lead generation.
  • Training and collaborating with the team has never been more fun.
  • Webinars are an excellent opportunity to establish your brand.

Purposes of A Webinar

With the present webinar software offering versatile features, the reasons to use a webinar have increased exponentially.

Let’s look at how we can use webinars.

  • Educational Purposes: The visual aids affects students, making the sharing of information a lot more interesting. Also, recorded webinars allow students to go back and revisit any part of the session they want.
  • Product Marketing: Webinars help communicate and showcase your product and its features, enabling you to convert leads into actual customers.
  • Employee Training and Team Meetings: This works particularly well if your team works remotely. You can pass knowledge and build skills through interactive sessions, rich visuals, and impactful presentations.
  • Lead Generation: Identifying your target audience becomes easy through webinars, and collecting contact information helps you connect with interested viewers.
  • Customer Retention: Webinars not only attract but also keep your existing clientele engaged. Interested customers have something to remind them of you when you’re not actively seeking them out. Webinars, product launches, and discount sales keep them engaged even when you’re away.

How Does Webinar Software Work?

Similar to an in-person seminar, webinars consist of one speaker or a panel of speakers. Participants can interact with the speaker/s through chats, polls, surveys, and even by exchanging thoughts through the microphone.

The number of webinar participants can range from 50 to more than 500 people. Webinars are both free and paid. Organizations use free webinars for lead generation or training.

Even with low attendance, a webinar can drive hundreds if promoted well. Platforms, such as webinar.net, offer prerecorded and on-demand webinars. The focus is on recording the sessions and making them available for larger groups to view at their convenience.

These features are especially useful for bloggers and influencers who have a viewer base. But mainly because these features provide a platform to connect with them. For this, webinar.net also offers some awesome branding choices, helping you build your brand image. With an incredibly easy setup, you look forward to hosting professional and fun webinars.

Hosting a Webinar

While hosting a webinar, there are a few things that can help you hit the mark:

  • Schedule your event smartly. For instance, avoid weekends. Most people don’t want to spend time on their days off in front of a screen.
  • Create valuable content.
  • Identify a goal and a target audience.
  • Allow ample time for questions.
  • Have specific takeaways.
  • Spend time promoting your webinar.

Remember, the impact of your webinar doesn’t end with the speaker signing off. Make sure to share a recording of your event on the same channels you used to promote it. Also, consider using your webinar content in other formats, such as courses, e-books, videos, or training material.

Notably, many B2B customers prefer to watch a recorded webinar. There are ways to make the best use of your resources. One way is to make sure that all those who sign up get a copy of the webinar.