What Is A Webinar?How Does Webinar Software Work?

If you’ve been working remotely like other people, you probably have been sitting through endless meetings and conferences. It certainly may seem that way. It’s quite normal to feel frustrated at the lack of human interaction and the tiring screen time. You’re also probably stuck in a rut and wondering to yourself what the point is.

If you’re a host, things are worse. You probably are at your wit’s end trying to make meetings and webinars interesting for your audience. Having looked up all the ways to successfully host a webinar, one thing is clear: the platform matters, too. Picking the right platform is vital as it defines the impact of your webinar. 

The logic is simple: the better equipped the platform, the better your result will be. 

Prerecorded webinars are especially in vogue as many people prefer to watch webinars at their convenience. With that said, prerecorded webinars help create documentation of content, creating a digital footprint. You can schedule and stream these webinars at different times. Let’s look at some of the top webinar platforms for prerecorded webinars.

  • Webinar.net

Webinar.net is a relatively new but fast-growing webinar platform. With a fresh take on online communication, this platform streams high-quality videos and audio through simple operations. 

More importantly, webinar.net allows for detailed customization of material, helping you host an event that reflects your brand. An extremely dynamic platform, the back end is very smooth, and the platform is of polished design. This software operates on clear user interfaces and is cloud-based, needing no downloads to use. 

Webinar.net offers three broadcasting options: live, prerecorded live, and on-demand webinars. The beauty of prerecorded live webinars is you can record them at your convenience. On top of that, you can schedule it to broadcast live. This way, you get all the time to perfect your webinar. Furthermore, the audience can have the experience of a live session. 

This webinar platform allows you to stream HD-quality videos even with a poor connection. It automatically selects the mode depending on whether it’s a live or on-demand webinar. A few in-webinar features include chats, polls, moderated Q&As, and sharing video clips and documents as downloads.

  • GetResponse

Primarily an e-mail marketing platform, GetResponse also includes decent webinar features. Among others, it offers quick scheduling, YouTube integrations, interactive whiteboards, and chat options. With flexible security options, you can decide if your webinar is password-protected or open to all.

Customized webinar URLs and simple registration pages make lead generation quickly possible. Promoting your event on Facebook helps target users and make relevant connections. Customized e-mail invites and reminders also add value to this platform. 

GetResponse also offers some robust analytics that gives you insights on attendance and conversion stats. Prerecorded webinars are possible as you can record your session, download it, and share it with others. Setting up your webinar happens in under three minutes, and recording is only a click away. 

Through GetResponse, sharing files, brainstorming ideas that promote collaboration, and collecting feedback get easier.  

  • Dacast

Dacast is a self-streaming platform that helps you set up your webinar or conference within a minute. With impressive broadcasting features, it helps you manage, analyze, and cash in on your webinar. It also allows for very useful integration with social media platforms. Equipped with secure content hosting, Dacast is remarkable on the customer service front.

With power-packed features, this platform allows you to broadcast live webinars that you can record and post later on-demand. This is particularly useful as uses both a live interaction and is flexible enough to be available for later. Broadcasting options on this platform include:

  • Live streaming platform
  • Online Video platform
  • Over-The-Top (OTT)
  • Video on Demand 

Dacast is a simply designed platform that even novice users can easily navigate. Among other features, it offers no viewer limits, real-time stats, and live streaming of social media. Its user-friendly interface and interactive on-demand videos are what sweetens the deal. 

This platform offers both paid subscriptions and free trial services. This platform allows you to monetize your video content through an integrated paywall or by ads integration. HTML 5 technology is the basis for its audio and video distribution system, and it’s compatible with various media formats. It also supports video compression for HD videos. 

You can view Dacast webinars on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.  

Outstanding Attributes

Webinar platforms are a smart choice for communication because they have many benefits. 

  • They’re cost-effective, requiring only a reliable connection, webcam, engaging content, and speaker expertise.
  • They help widen your reach by connecting you to a global audience.
  • They help convert interested people into loyal clients.
  • They help identify a target audience and their needs.
  • Webinars are not only about a speaker addressing a group. They can also be a panel speaker addressing a relevant topic.
  • They help build domain expertise.

While in-person and live webinars are more in style, recorded webinars are slowly gaining speed. In these fast-changing, evolving times, it’s always useful to keep yourself updated with digital communication. Besides, it never hurts to have a backup for your marketing strategies and communication.