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Welcome to the future of webinar management brought to you by webinar.net. Our new, patent-pending Dynamic Console Layout is designed to elevate your webinars to a whole new level. Experience unprecedented control and flexibility to keep your content engaging and relevant, from start to finish.​


The Dynamic Console Layout: Your Webinar, Your Way

Presentation Layout Webinar.net

Pre-Show Layout

Engage your audience before the event starts

Integrate Live Chat, Q&A, and share resources, URLs, and social media links. Customize with an HTML component for countdowns or CTAs.

Go Live Layout.

Go-Live Layout

Make a seamless transition to your live event

Feature a custom mute image in the media player, and captivate your audience with a video pre-roll as the speaker prepares to go live.​

Presentation Layout Webinar.net

Presentation Layout

Perfectly balance your presentation with this standard layout

Focus equally on video and slides, supplemented with interactive components like Q&A, Chat, and Resources. Other features remain accessible yet unobtrusive.

Discussion Layout.

Discussion Layout

After the presentation,

shift the focus to your speakers with a larger video component. Enhance attendee interaction by giving more space to Q&A and Chat.

Post Show Layout.

Post-Show Layout

Keep the conversation going even after your webinar concludes

Direct attendees to custom CTAs, resources, or post-event surveys. Use the exit action feature to guide attendees towards continued engagement with your content

Why Choose the Dynamic Console Layout ?

Our innovative layout system offers you the power to adapt and thrive in any webinar scenario. Whether it’s building anticipation pre-show, delivering impactful presentations, fostering discussions, or extending engagement post-event, the Dynamic Console Layout is your key to a successful webinar.

Empower your webinars with webinar.net's Dynamic Console Layout – where your content always takes center stage.

webinar.net is the first online presentation platform fully hosted in the cloud. This architecture allows our customers to reach to very large audiences without capacity concerns, and enjoy clear, cost-effective pricing.

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